The Consortium
Iranenow Consortium is the main body of the organization. It is a space of parallel networking and enhanced coordination between different societies.
The Tricameral Body
The consortium is divided into three branches, each being autonomous in its powers and scope of activities.
The Activist chamber serves as the legislative body of the organization, where decisions will be voted upon. The Research Chamber is composed of a dozen committees responsible for research, policy proposals, and intelligence gathering. The Ordinators Council is the executive body of the organization, responsible for safekeeping and amending the smart contracts. The Board of Trustees oversees all operations of the Consortium.
Specialized Research Commitees
The Research Chamber and Ordinators Council are responsible for directing, editorializing, and authenticating research.
Every Ordinator directs six Senior Researchers, each of whom is responsible for directing a team of five Junior researchers. Each research group is responsible for eliminating conflict of interest and adhering to academic integrity in their reporting.
AI Governance
The central decision-making mechanism of the organization is operated through a trained AI
DAENA is an OpenAI-powered decision-maker of the Consortium. Its neural architecture trained on a dataset enriched by the contributions of our researchers, enables risk mitigation, high-level autonomy, and predictive analytics. The Ordinators are responsible for the maintenance of the network and prompt generation. We are proud to be the first political organization that is infusing AI into its highest decision-making.

Decentralized Autonomous Structure
Activist Chamber is a self-governing body that operates through code and smart contracts on a blockchain.
It works by allowing members to make decisions and execute actions based on predefined rules and consensus, eliminating the need for centralized control and intermediaries. In the majority of the cases, Independent activists cannot join the Consortium's Activist Chamber. They're required to form a society and register in the consortium as their own society. Then, each member receives an identification token (DID) with which they can access the encrypted platforms for communication and vote on matters of Consortium. The Societies will all be democratically governed by the members. Any decision pertaining to adding members, removing members, electing a director, or even forming a Hive requires 2/3 consensus of the society. A minimum of three members are required to register a society on Iranenow.
Building Network Hives
The Consortium connects activists and societies from across the country. Societies in one locality can form a Hive for increased coordination between them.
By forming a Hive, members will be able to access a common encrypted chatroom and a shared wallet for crypto funds, which automatically distributes the received funds between the private wallets of the members. This is a cornerstone prototype for enabling the strike funds for key industrial sectors without the KYC requirements and risks of money laundering.
Trust Tokens
The Consortium operates based on Trustless protocols, enabled by Trust Tokens.
Participation in voting, adding members, and contributing to research increases the trust tokens of the individuals. Trust Tokens are also granted based on the review of individuals by their peers. Trust Tokens are a metric for Consortium members to decide on working with certain societies and individuals based on the history of their contributions.
Network of Autonomous Hives for Iranian Democracy
The Consortium ought to transfer its operations to the NAHID platform in due time.
All voting, communications, and matters of governance will be confined to this encrypted and decentralized application. NAHID is currently being built on tested on a number of Distributed Ledger systems, including Monero, Tangle (IOTA), and Etherium Blockchain. NAHID is modeled after the EU's EBSI, with the addition of being trustless, free communications, no data collection from users, no traces and cookies, and no contact information. Access to the NAHID app is limited to Token holders and registered members.
Forming The Assembly
While the Consortium's ultimate objective is the liberation of Iran from the clerical government, its post-revolution political goals will be attained through the Assembly.
The Ordinators Council will initiate the measures to formally introduce and consolidate Anjoman Iranenow as a political civil society that represents the Consortium. The Ordinators Council will nominate a president from a list of Alumni or Senior Researchers to be the president of the Assembly. The nominee is appointed after the vote of the Consortium. The President is responsible for nominating a cabinet. The Assembly will be an autonomous wing of the Consortium.

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